Unmodified Immune Effector Cell Program

Advantages Of NK Cells as Immunotherapy

Natural killer (NK) cells have many advantages for use as immunotherapy. These NK cells may be generated ahead of the time of patient need. The NK cells are cryopreserved and are ready for immediate use as an off-the-shelf therapy for any patient. Additionally, repeat dosing regimens are possible for patients needing them.

Unmodified Immune Effector Cells Program

Coeptis’ platform of natural killer cells offers a potent NK cell product that can be used as an allogeneic therapy and without standard HLA matching to the patients.  This approach to NK cell generation defeats the most common challenges for a differentiated position among cell and gene therapy companies.

Our program has a proven safety record and cancels out graft versus host disease or cytokine release syndrome. We have produced unmodified allogeneic NK cells utilizing our Stem Cell Expansion Technology which are currently being investigated in two separate Phase 1 clinical trials.

* This clinical trial has served as the proof of concept for the use of this NK cell therapy as an anti-viral treatment for sars-cov-2 and beyond, namely in future pandemics and other life-threatening infections by harnessing the NK cell’s natural ability to kill virally infected cells, regardless of the etiology of the infection.


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