Novel Stem Cell Expansion Technology

Novel Stem Cell Expansion Technology  

Coeptis holds the rights to a scalable allogeneic immune effector cell manufacturing platform that aligns with our existing SNAP-CAR and GEAR technologies. These immune effector cells are generated from pooled, cord blood derived CD34+ cells.

Cord Blood Derived HSPCs

Cord blood derived hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPCs) offer natural killer (NK) cells multiple benefits including: no genetic modification needed for the source blood, cellular typing is not required, and the source blood is in plentiful supply.


Simple, Scalable, Cost-Effective and Off the Shelf


Through this novel platform, notch mediated CD34+ cell expansion and direction differentiation allow for NK cells to be produced with improved lot-to-lot consistency, and with greater opportunity for multiple successful tech transfers. Additionally, hundreds of doses can be generated when manufacturing at full scale. These therapies result in a potent NK cell product for use as an off-the-shelf product, with fixed doses fully released and ready for infusion on the patient’s timeline

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